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Together we share a passion for capturing moments, telling stories, and creating art with my camera.

But more importantly I care about people

and helping them express who they are.

Each person has a unique story to tell

and nothing inspires me more than 

helping me clients celebrate that 

uniqueness with a videograph.


Billy and Britta

Billy and Britta

Greetings, friends! Here we are at the beginning of (dare I say) the holiday season. Man, this year has seriously flown by. I am up in Brunswick right now enjoying a little R&R and it is beautiful up here. I decided to travel by bicycle, so i’ve just been walking everywhere to take in the sights. I've been taking lots of pictures, so if you want to see what i’ve been up to, check out my Instagram feeds (irinestephanie).

I am getting ready to head out for my last full day as tourists, but first, we have Britta and Billy’s wedding to share with you! Billy and Britta were married at the Sternhaus and Richmond Castle this summer, and it was truly one of our favorite weddings. The theme was ‘red’ and, as you can see, they pulled it off fantastically! Richmond Castle has red balloons everywhere, and Billy and Britta added their own red touches. It really was a spectacular festival of red love.


Billy and Britta, you guys are amazing and so was your wedding. Let’s get together soon, new friends!

I’m sure i will be coming up your way around the holidays. :)


Armin and Mirella

Armin and Mirella

It was a seriously superb DIY wedding. I am still in awe. 

I am excited to introduce Armin and Mirela today! For these two lovebirds’ wedding, they chose Villa Au in Düsseldorf for a good ol’ walk-in-the-park type wedding. It helped that the park and the restaurant are very baby friendly, as Armin and Mirela have guests with children too. You know, people always ask tentatively if they can bring their babies to their wedding party, and i always say “Yes! Definitely, yes!” I want people to show off who they are, and babies are such a huge part of that. I love when people want to bring their babes!

The day was warm and inviting, perfect for a frolic in the park, and the sunlight was throwing around amazing flares of light. As you can see from the photos, these two love being close to each other; I think there’s only two or three photos when they’re not in each other’s arms! That’s the kind of love i like to see. :)

Armin and Mirela, thanks for the fun jaunt around the park. I’ll see you again next time!

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